Friday, January 21, 2011

4) The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

It's taking everything in me to not write "OHMIGAH, it was SOOOO good!!" and call it a day, so bear with me.

In the far-off dystopian future, North America has been ravaged by some unnamed society-destroying means. America is split into 13 districts and an autocratic Capitol that rules with an iron fist. After a failed rebellion, the 13th district is wiped out. In an attempt to shame the remaining 12 districts and further demonstrate their power, each district is forced to send two teenagers, a girl and a boy between the ages of 12-18, to fight to the death gladiator style in the annual live televised Hunger Games.

*mild spoilers ahead*
The story follows a 15-year old girl named Katniss who lives in the poverty ridden District 12. Katniss spends her days hunting illegally to provide food for her mother and 12-year old sister, Prim. The book takes off almost immediately, beginning with the annual reaping in which the teenagers are chosen randomly in a lottery. Katniss has her name thrown in multiple times in order to trade for supplies for her family. Prim, who at age 12 only has her name thrown in once, is chosen for the games. Katniss immediately volunteers to go in her place.

I read this book yesterday and I haven't shut up about it. It's technically a young adult novel, so the 384 pages are a pretty quick read. The story itself is pretty fast-paced and thrilling. There is some romance, but it is minimal for now, as the story is all about Katniss's remarkable mental strenghth and ability to survive. I read it at work and ended up staying an hour late to finish it. Highly recommended.

(Oh, and my take on the Hailee Steinfield casting rumor...she's a little young for it, but I'm sure she could pull it off beautifully. I, for one, would rather see a newcomer. I just hope it's PG-13 rating allows for the movie to be as dark as it should be.)

Off the read the second book...

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