Monday, November 24, 2008

Because the girls did there 5 freebies, and I'm powerless to burgeoning trends, tada:

1) Christian Bale (can't he just be alllll of them?) - I have mounds of unwavering affection for this man. He can do no wrong. True story: My friend Laura and I made a fan website about him back in like 1996. Sadly, I just looked for it and Tripod took it down. Bastards. When I broke up with my ex, my boss took down the pictures of him out of my office while I was home packing and crying, and replaced them all with pictures of Christian.
Oh, Lawrie...

2) Gael Garcia Bernal - yummmmmmmm. yummmmmmmmmm. My coworker and I often send emails to each other with nothing but this picture full-sized and the work "BAM!" in the subject. It makes all the days better.

3) Scott Speedman - I started out hardcore Noel. I still love me some Scott Foley, but when Felicity starting falling head-over-heels again for Ben at the end of Season 1, I fell with her. My friend Laura (same Bale friend) and I used to rewind the kiss on the season finale when he jumps across the table over and over again. TMI?

4) Nathan Fillion - I don't know what it is about this man but everytime I see him on screen I just light up. I've watched Dr. Horrible a trillion times. On Firefly, he makes me swoon the whole time I'm watching it. Hell, even creepy Nathan Fillion on Buffy does it for me. I just mmmmmm.

5) Mos Def - Seriously, Mos Def is the only man I can look at a picture of and EVERY TIME, WITHOUT FAIL , I get physically turned on by it.

Honorable mention in case one of these guys does something to turn me off:

Jason Dohring - because he makes me melt and I miss Veronica Mars.