Friday, May 29, 2009

i may be a slacker, but in truth, I never vowed to read 100 books in a year...I vowed 30. I know my limits. My boss and I vowed 30 together. I'm still reading the same 4 books, but somehow completely managed to finish 2 completely other books in the meantime. Those are...

Cannonball Read, Book 10
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

I love Oscar Wilde. I love his plays. I love reading about him and watching crappy Jude Law movies based on him. I also love Velvet Goldmine, which is influenced by Oscar Wilde.
Do you know those books that you love even though you've never read them? I feel this way about movies more, but I frickin loved this book...but never read it. I just imagined that one day I would read it and I would love it. Never needed to get around to it.
Did it live up to the hype I created for myself? Yes and no. At first I was a little disappointed. Everytime Harry spoke, I was completely captivated by the writing...but Dorian bored the shit out of me, and Basil was just too pathetic to care about.

Shit, my boss is rushing me out to go help setup for a I care to actually review stuff anyway...

Cannonball Read, Book 11
The Hitchiker's Guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams

I'll reserve my opinion for when I read the other 4 books of the trilogy. I have to go to the cookout now, bitches.

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