Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have no interest whatsoever in driving to Houston very late tonight, then driving a 2-hour traffic drive across stupid Houston in the morning AND Thursday morning just to have some bratty students ignore me because they have no interest in coming to a city that was flooded on the national news.

I think I would do better recruiting if I just gave out free booze. I'd go to any college that offered free booze.

Stupid work paying me stupid money to only work 4 hours in the next 3 days and spend the rest of the stupid time getting drunk with my stu--no, awesome cousin. Okay, maybe the job's not toooo stupid.

I keep meaning to liveblog the Real World/Road Rules challenges (because it's my favorite show in the entire world)...but it turns out I'm lazy and I mostly just watch them while playing Solitaire and going "Ohhhhh shit! That bitch is craaaazy!" the whole time. Maybe eventually.

HAHAHA...I went to google images to find a RW/RR challenge pic, and I came across this one to the left from The Gauntlet 3. I click on it, save it, then look down...and where did I find it? From one Mr. Dan Carlson @ Slowly Going Bald. Awesome.

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